2013-14 Staff & Team Leaders

Meet our 2013-14 leadership team!

Farm Management

Dominique Vyborny

domMajor: Business

About me: I’m very enthusiastic about my hobbies, and I have several of them! I have been an avid gardener for the last 5 years, and I love teaching others what I know and passing on what I’ve learned. I’m an aerial silks instructor, and I’ve owned my own business for about a year. I love to swing dance, both socially and competitively, and I love to teach people how to dance. I’m a business student, and I’m interested in micro-finance, International Business and fair trade import/export. I’m hoping to use my degree to increase the amount of socially conscious business expansion in the coming decades. Overall, I’d like to help create an environmentally and economically sustainable future for America and the rest of the world.
Favorite thing about growing food: My favorite thing about growing food is having the ability to try delightful and uncommon varieties of fruits and veggies that you don’t usually find in grocery stores.
Why UT needs a farm: I think that UT needs a farm because it gives our students an opportunity to develop an awareness of the effort and work that goes into producing the food that they eat, and increases their respect for the people that produce it. It also exposes them to different varieties, and increases their knowledge of nutritious diets.
Spirit plant: I don’t know if I have a spirit plant, but I’ll keep thinking on it. There are just too many to choose from!

Ethan Howley


Major: Civil Engineering
About me: I like riding bicycles. Vegan, born elsewhere, grew up in Texas. I like it to be hot.
Favorite thing about growing food: My favorite thing about growing food is that on a small scale with limited resources, there are always new challenges that require research and ingenuity.
Why UT needs a farm: UT needs a farm because when you look past the athletics and the politics, we are an educational organization. Learning the challenges of growing food is a lesson of indisputable practicality.
Spirit plant: I like fig trees because they don’t take a decade to become good producers and they propagate easily. Figs just get in the ground and go!

Development Staff

Aylin Saribudak

Major: UTeach Liberal Arts, English

About me: I am equally happy being active outdoors or inside with good reading material. I love living in Austin. I value creativity and innovation!

Favorite thing about growing food: My favorite thing about growing food is assembling a dish that includes something I’ve grown! More broadly, I love growing food because it’s such a wonderful way to connect with the earth and build community.

Why UT needs a farm: In my experience, working with food has been incredibly enriching. I think it’s essential for UT to have spaces like the Concho Community Garden and the Micro Farm, so that students can learn more about food production for personal and/or academic purposes.

Spirit plant: Basil. I love the sun and summertime.

Lydia Garcia

lydiaMajor: Studio Art

About Me: I love sharing food with others! I love the community that growing and cooking together creates, and I enjoy meeting new people who share the same passion for art, food, and conversation.

Favorite thing about growing food: It’s the most efficient and beneficial form of creating! No waste, no harm, and you make something vital to life.

Why UT needs a farm: I believe you can only benefit in seeing the roots of your dinner plate. UT’s Micro Farm can be the catalyst for a change in future generations to be critical of the food culture we create, but also share in the efforts to create a better one.

Spirit plant: The Habanero pepper, colorful, spicy and part of salsa!