Farm Operations

We use organic and sustainable farm practices such as crop rotation, cover cropping, companion planting, planting diversified species, and composting to build soil nutrition and composition while minimizing problems with pests and disease. Efficient use of water is of prime importance to our farm’s operation. Rows crops are outfitted with drip irrigationollas are used to irrigate raised beds as well as a portion of our front xeriscape garden, and two wicking beds irrigate herbs.

  • We don’t use non-organic herbicides, pesticides or fungicides; synthetic fertilizers; or GMO seeds.
  • To build and maintain healthy soil structure, gardening practices will include the use of compost, organic fertilizers, mulch, and a rotation of plant varieties. Three inches of compost are maintained to prevent soil loss and compaction.
  • An effective composting system is operated on-site. Visitors and participants must abide by posted rules concerning the correct handling of compost and compostable materials.
  • We don’t use pressure treated wood. All materials to be in contact with growing medium or harvested produce are non-toxic and approved for use by project leaders.