There’s A Bin For That: Composting 101

It can sometimes be confusing where exactly is the best place to toss your waste. Between specific recycling bins, and plain old trash cans, where do you put your a-little-too-mushy vegetable waste? Coffee filter grounds?

functional, yet wonderfully aesthetic…

A composter, of course! Composting is nature’s recycling. Composting fertilizer not only contributes to reduced waste, but enhances plant growth due to it’s nitrogen rich bacterial flora. As vegetation piles up, the center of the pile gets hotter and hotter, promoting bacterial growth and breakdown.

cause we all need a little love to grow

What exactly can you compost? A good rule of thumb to go by: If it grows, it goes! A good compost pile has a solid mixture of “browns and greens”, such as

  • coffee grounds
  • vegetable scraps
  • wood chips
  • yard trimmings
  • leaves

Home compost bins, as well as ours at the farm, should avoid meat/eggs/dairy as these items are harder to break down, and can often smell and draw unwanted animal attention.


Your home/apartment/dorm doesn’t compost, you say? That’s where we come in. Here at the Microfarm students have access to compost piles that not only reduce their carbon footprint, but contribute to local, sustainable farming! Plants grown with compost ‘fertilizer’ are happier and healthier without using chemical support.

So, bring a trash bag on out to our next work day and start reducing!

IMG_0706 (1)

Want your own compost bin? Indoor bins (similar to trash cans, but completely sealed) are available at most hardware stores, and outdoor bins are also available for purchase or DIY! Just make sure to check local regulations regarding where/how large your bin can be.

your plants thank you.

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