Farm Update

Hello Austinites

How are you dealing with this heat? I for real would like to know, because I’ve hardly left my couch. If I could, I would cry about the heat index and the fact that my skin burns even with sun screen, but I’ve sweated out every drop of water in my body and have none left for tears. I would like to bring back those handheld fans we all had when we were 10 and make them trendy again (if they ever were).

(Left to right) Kat Sanders, Shannon Howe, Stephanie Cornejo

I would like to give a shout out to Kat, Shannon, and Stephanie for volunteering their time at the microfarm this past week. They are a part of Americorps NCCC, a service organization based out of Mississippi, and they travel across the states providing help where needed. These ladies came ready to work hard and were master weed pullers. Their help really sped up our clearing of the front plant beds to make room for new herbs and plants. It was a pleasure hearing their story, and I encourage you to check out Americorps!


Remember, if you’re interested in purchasing our produce, we are currently selling at Hope farmer’s market on E 5th and Comal, open 11-3 on Sundays. The farm’s okra, eggplant, and butternut squash are looking particularly mouthwatering these days. But I have some *very exciting* news for those of you who might have a hard time making your way to East Austin.  The Microfarm will be opening a farm stand on the UT campus! Now healthy, organic produce will be even more accessible to students and faculty. I will make an announcement soon with the where and when details as they get solidified. Nothing would make us happier than to get to chat with you, so please stop by.


Malabar spinach pyramid
This could be you
Looks like a painting, no?
This could also be you
This may look like a weed, but it's actually edible and tasty on salads!
This may look like a weed, but it’s actually edible and tasty on salads!

Applications to become an intern with us will remain open until September 18, and interviews will be conducted on a rolling basis. Available positions and their duties can be found here. Also, the Micofarm’s work days will remain the same throughout the upcoming semester: Wednesday 5-8AM and Sundays 9-12PM. See you there.


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