Microfarm Update

Hey Guys,

I’ve had two things on my mind. One, summer is almost here. Yay, whoo, temporary freedom from stress. Then I remember everything that needs to be done before we’re actually at that point, and I die a little inside. Maybe like some of you, I am in denial about the latter. Yeah no it’s cool, watching one more hour of Neil deGrasse Tyson talk about the universe won’t hurt since my paper isn’t due until Friday. *repeat*

I know your schedules are even crazier than mine, but I would love to see y’all come to the workdays this week. There is so much to be done at the microfarm. This week I went for the first time (oops) in the last month and I was blown away by how much everything has grown. I mean everything, not just the crops. From the nice zinnias we have everywhere to weeds, everything in between has flourished, and we need your help to keep it under control. Thanks to everyone who has been helping out recently! We could not do this without you.


Snap Peas

Our last workdays of the spring semester will be this week, pending weather. But don’t be sad, because you can still come out during the summer! This will begin May 24th, and workdays will be Wednesday 5-8 pm and Sunday 9-12 pm. There are a lot of volunteer and leadership opportunities available, so please message us if interested. Sundays will be particularly fun because there will be opportunities to harvest and deliver to the HOPE farmers market. I’ll be here all summer so come buy produce from me, meet your farmers, and let me know if you’ll be here taking classes all summer too so we can hang out and cry together.

Finally, let me know if there is anything you would like to see on the blog. Any recipe ideas? Anything you’re wanting to learn more about? Let me know, I would love readers’ input. Godspeed as you journey through the last week of classes and finals week.




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