Weekly Farm Update


I hope you all had a good week back from spring break! Though, let’s be honest, it was hard getting back into work mode. A lot has gone on at the micro farm since the last update. For one, love is officially in the air. While working the farm stand, I get to do  quite a bit of people watching. One thing I noticed is the passers by are a bit cheerier than usual, and I’m loving it. People were picking flowers from the side of the road on their way home from work, and bikers (who very much fit into the cool, Austin stereotype) all smiled and waved. This one guinea even let me get like a foot away from him, meaning we’re tight now. It’s those small interactions that are the cherry on top of working at the farm.

These bees were def feeling the love

I think the plants sensed all this love, too, and have seemed to all grow three times bigger almost overnight. It took double the time to harvest everything this week! Along with the usual crops we harvest, we also had baby spinach, a mixture of baby lettuces, and a good amount of dinosaur kale this week.

Ooh, baby
Have you ever seen baby spinach as luscious as this?

We’ve also created new beds for tomatoes and are working on a patch for pumpkins and watermelon. YAY. There’s been a lot of planting going on, too. I’ll post a list of everything growing at the farm soon, but for now here’s what’s been planted recently:

  • Cherry and roma tomatoes
  • Eggplant
  • Armenian cucumbers
  • Summer squash
  • A variety of peppers
  • Watermelon
Stephanie and lovely volunteers hard at work
American Gothic


As always, we would love to see your shining faces this Thursday, either to volunteer or buy some produce. Cheers.


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