Weekly Farm Update

Hey everybody,

I want to apologize for not posting an update last week. The weather was so nasty there was nothing to really give an update on. Luckily this past week we were able to get outside in the sun, even on our “snow” day. UT may be the best at a lot of things, but making calls for snow days is not on that list. ~Not complaining~

Can you spot my animal friend?

As you can see above, our tire plant beds are painted and planted with potatoes. These are actually really cool because as time goes on we will stack more tires on top, which allows the potatoes to grow vertically and give a huge yield in a small amount of space. Also this week a lot of time was spent pulling weeds to clear the way for a new plant bed. I’m pretty sure we’ll be planting eggplant there. Egg-siting right? Sorry not sorry that I still have the humor of a five year old.

It’s almost like having a real cow.

In other news, the team met together at Thunderbird Coffee (it’s super cool, check it out) to discuss current and upcoming projects at the farm. Get excited because some big changes are coming that will make the microfarm experience more fun. I would also like to announce the Fertilizing Team Leader position has re-opened. Duties include fertilizing the plants on a weekly basis and researching new sustainable fertilizing techniques. The farm team is full of super fun and chill people, and we would love to have you. Information about the position can be found here, and if you or someone you know might be interested please contact us at microfarm@utenvironment.org.

Food for thought this week:


It supposed to be beautiful this upcoming week, so I hope to see some new and familiar faces at the farm. Cheers.


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