Weekly Farm Update

Hi, friends!

Like the school semester, the microfarm is in full swing now. But unlike school, the microfarm is a place of stress-free productivity.

Thursday was an exciting work day because we had our first harvest of the semester! The chard, dinosaur kale, cilantro, sage, and rosemary were growing strong. The farm stand also had its grand opening for the semester. If you would like some of this organic, fresh (and I mean we-just-picked-it-from-the-ground-fresh) produce be sure to come check us out on Thursdays.

DSC_0839           DSC_0862

Also spicing things up on Thursday was the first snap pea sighting, yay!


Look how cute and perfect it is.

Broccoli Head

Saturday was such a productive day at the farm, thanks to the Texas Infinities for bringing almost 40 volunteers. They were such an incredible help with tilling, shoveling, and straightening up the farm. Also on Saturday the teepee trellis for the snap peas was completed and a broccoli head was sighted.


Come out this Thursday if you’d like to be a part of the excitement!


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