Little Gardeners Learn About Beneficial Bugs

Last Friday morning, the UT Micro Farm and the Concho Community Garden co-sponsored a special class for the Little Gardeners from UT’s Child Development Center on “beneficial bugs,” or the bugs that help improve the quality of a garden. We invited organic gardening expert Rosina Newton (of The Natural Gardener and bioMUNDO) to lead the workshop.

The half-hour class included building on prior knowledge of bugs, viewing pictures and learning about beneficial bugs found in central Texas, and drawing, of course.


Using markers or crayons, the Little Gardeners partnered up to draw a type of beneficial bug, e.g. the ground beetle or the assassin bug. We’ll be hanging these pictures up at our gardens, so you can stop by and enjoy their artwork!

After the kids were finished drawing, they spread out across the garden and looked for different types of bugs. Both the Little Gardeners coordinator Emlyn Resetarits and our instructor Rosina Newton helped guide the students.


A special thanks to everyone involved in making this class a success! The Little Gardeners meet on Friday mornings at the Concho Community Garden. Feel free to e-mail or if you would like to learn how to get involved with gardening activities this summer!


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