a special Sunday workday

Both our Tool Shed and Shading Structure are constructed, thanks to our collaboration with the UT School of Architecture last semester. However, now’s the fun part: roofing and sheathing the exterior walls. UT AIAS (an architecture student group) is leading the project, has a great design utilizing sheet metal and cedar, and we’ve just purchased all the materials!
We’re excited to get started! Our first workday to begin installation isย this Sunday, 10AM. We’ll probably keep working until 1 or 2p. You are most welcome (and encouraged) to come and lend a hand! We’ll have all the needed tools and supplies, just bring a water bottle, wear long pants and closed-toe shoes. If you have a pair of work gloves, that’d be useful to bring as well.
Please let us know if you’re able to come help out! Also, if you could give us a sense of your construction experience, that’d be helpful. Email microfarm@utenvironment.org
(Alternatively, you can just show up!)
Thanks and see you soon.

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