Leadership Opportunities

Become a Micro Farm Staff Member

All positions are full for Fall 2014. Please check back about Spring 2014 opportunities!

Become a Team Leader 

As one of the Micro Farm’s Team Leaders, you can work alongside the farm’s staff members to build this project to its greatest potential!

General TL Responsibilities: All TL’s will meet with staff members at least once a month. Each TL will work with staff members who will provide assistance and can answer questions as needed. TL’s will be responsible for overseeing the other volunteers interested in their project area. Specific TL roles are described below.

Specific TL Roles:

• Design and Build Team Leader will have familiarity with power tools, experience with designing and building small structures, fences, gates, etc. Duties will include working with the Farm Manager to design a high tunnel, gates, and other small structure; recruiting a small team to help with building; attending weekly or bi-monthly meetings to talk about needs of the farm and progress.

Pest Control Team Leader will research and apply organic pest control tactics at the farm.

Fertilizing Team Leader will be in charge of fertilizing plants on a weekly basis to make sure our veggies are as  healthy as possible! 

Compost Team Leader will manage and attend to the farm’s compost piles, teach other volunteers how to compost. 

Education Coordinator will produce informational signs, posters, and pamphlets about the farm’s sustainable practices and will spread awareness about the Micro Farm and its mission.  

• Farm Stand Team Leader will recruit and lead team members to help with the set up, running, and shutting down of our weekly and monthly farm stands. This position may require attendance at weekly or bi-monthly meetings to talk about needs and progress.

Resource Recovery Team Leader will work with the fundraising team to secure donations, identify free resources around Austin, and will coordinate volunteers to pick-up and deliver the obtained materials. Must have access to a vehicle. 

 Fundraising & Events Planner will facilitate at least two fundraisers by the end of the semester, draft donation request letters, and will work with other TL’s to facilitate workshops and other fun events. 

 Blog Team Leader will take on the role as the lead blogger and recruit other student bloggers.

Although the Team Leader roles are not paid positions, we highly encourage you to use this leadership position as a supplement to your academic experiences. These positions could work well as internship experiences for a number of different majors and Bridging Disciplines programs; see your advisor for more information. Work schedules will be flexible and suited to your existing schedule.

Please email microfarm@utenvironment.org for more information!

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